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Minnetonka Moving Specialist

Moving to or from Minnetonka? Our moving specialists are ready to assist you. Whether you are moving a large home, small apartment, or have the college kids moving into their own place and you need to move a few items, our friendly movers are ready to do the lifting for you. No move is too large or too small for Harco!

Want to do your own packing? Also, not a problem, we can supply you with all the boxes and other packing supplies needed or you can get your own. We even have a buy back program for boxes purchased from us! Click on one of the images on the right for more information about the different types of moves.

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We are a full service moving company and can assist you with all your moving needs!

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What People Love About Minnetonka

The city has a reputation of a city that preserves its natural resources—residents can enjoy 49 community parks, more than 81 miles of maintained sidewalks and trails and more than 1,000 acres of public open space. Our parks have mature trees, wetlands and prairies. With all of our sidewalks, bike riding for young children is easy in Minnetonka!

A few highlights of summer are the Summer Festival, Burwell House Festival and Burwell Art Fair.

A few Minnetonka Facts

  • Local Zip Codes:55305, 55343 and 55345
  • A Western Minneapolis / St Paul suburb.
  • What's in a name? The Dakota and Ojibwe Indians: Minne means water and Tonka means big

We are looking forward to hearing from you, we have very many happy customers, but don't let us tell you, read our testimonial to the left or all of the them on our testimonial page.

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Where Exactly is Minnetonka Minnesota?

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